Whether you are looking for a radical transformation or the perfect finishing touches, Móz offers ceiling design solutions that truly elevate any space.

From subtle to spectacular and everything in between, look no further than the possibilities of Móz metal ceilings. Our metals are versatile to adapt to a variety of installation methods to suit a variety of configurations.


Our most economical systems for affixing metals with exposed fasteners.

An economical way to mount rigid metals for walls, ceilings, and exterior installation using hat channels and visible fasteners. Ideal for Laser Cut or Perforated Metal panels to allow for backlighting but can also be used to hardware fasten Engravings panels. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


Designed for perforated and laser cut metals for interior or exterior applications

Pre-formed panels with pins that drop into a concealed slotted bracket designed for Laser Cut or Perforated Metal panels to allow for backlighting or necessary clearance for wall and ceiling applications.


For over thirty years, Móz Designs has been providing unique ceiling solutions for the design and construction industry. We specialize in turning custom concepts and ideas into an easy to install masterpiece.

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Our Metals are available in dozens of Architectural Powder Coat Colors as well as our signature Color Collections backed with a 5 year warranty for exterior use.

For extended outdoor life, ask about our Ultra Durable Exterior finishes which boast a 10 to 20 year warranty. Collaborate with our team to create custom metal walls for your next project.


Choose from a variety of standard materials for Ceilings

Laser Cut Metals
Laser Cut Metal
Powder Coat Metals
Powder Coat Metal
Gradient Metals
Gradients Metal
Perforated Metals
Perforated Metal
Elements Palette
Elements Metal
Graphix Metals
Graphix Metal
Engravings Metals
Engravings Metal
Classic Metals
Classic Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Stainless Steel
Blendz/Patina Metals
Blendz/Patina Metal


Let us help you take your ideas to the next level with our over 30 years of expertise in working with metal.

Contact us to collaborate with our team to create your own unique look for your next project.